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Tommy Morgan has been a life-long resident of Lee County, Mississippi. He currently owns and manages Tommy Morgan, Inc. Realtors in Tupelo Mississippi. He has been a real estate Broker since 1970, and a Broker/Owner for 33 years. He has also served in the United States Military, stationed in Viet Nam. As the unparalleled real estate Broker in the North Mississippi area, he has always owned his real estate office, and has recently built his sixth personal office building. The sizes of his offices over the years have ranged from 1500 square feet in 1974, to almost 20,000 square feet in his stunning new two story building located in Tupelo in the Fairpark District at 210 East Main Street. His office work environment is user-friendly. It is important to him to make it as easy as possible for the people who work for him to make a good living. He encourages his staff and agents to harbor no negative thoughts and consistently contribute to a positive office atmosphere. If problems arise, the policy is: forgive, ask forgiveness and move on. When asked about his staying power, he suggests that it is due to good agents and sensitivity to the market. He makes every effort to do what he does right. He moves forward in faith and treats people the way he would like to be treated. Because of his strong faith, he attracts people of like kind. Mr. Morgan has a long history of developing many of the most beautiful and successful subdivisions in Tupelo and the surrounding area. He attributes his early success to investing in the restaurant, service industry, build-to-suit, medical and commercial areas. He especially enjoys the design process. He believes his passion for design has kept him in business and given him the competitive edge. As a licensed appraiser, he is able to keep on top of the values in the area in order to make smart investments. He and his wife, Jane, are very active in the community, and make significant contributions to the city. They attend the Orchard church, have two adult sons, a daughter-in-law, a beautiful granddaughter and many family members and friends who live and work in the area.

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